Matt and Amy's engagement session is probably one of my favorite sessions with a horrible story.  My go-to location are the peach orchards in Gilbert, SC.  They are stunning in the Spring, beautiful and shady in the Summer and hauntingly amazing in Winter.

Matt and Amy are from Charlotte, NC where the wedding will take place Spring of this year; but orchards and fields are scarce there in the city so they were in for a treat and volunteered to come to me for their engagement photos.  They followed behind me until we reached our destination and my stomach went into my throat...

My beautiful orchard was gone and in its place were large clumps of mutilated trees.  First I panicked, then I laughed...went back to panic and wanted to vomit but this couple thought that it was the funniest thing and wanted to stay right there and do their we did and it was a great decision!!  So thank you Matt and Amy for sticking it out with me!