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Devin and Amanda Wedding, Wintergreen Woods, Lexington, South Carolina


Devin and Amanda Wedding, Wintergreen Woods, Lexington, South Carolina

Venue: Wintergreen Woods

Baker: Wintergreen Woods

Florist: Sams Club

It was such a pleasure meeting Devin and Amanda. Their day started with just a touch of rain but ended up being perfect. Their venue, Wintergreen Woods, was decorated so warm and inviting with the beautiful stone hearth lit up with a blazing fire and a hot chocolate station set up on the patio. What was even warmer were Devin and Amanda. I absolutely love working with a couple who radiate their love and are genuinely excited about their lives together and not just having a party.


I asked Amanda how they met and she gave me a great story! She said,” We originally met in 2010 at a friends house. I even remember then seeing Devin and just being completely in awe of him. We obviously went our separate ways and then on March 29th of 2014, that's when it happened. We both had weddings to attend to that day. My friend from New York was in town and I promised her a night out in Columbia. We finally ended up at our last destination and a mutual friend of Devin and I called out to me and got us to the reserved section. When my friend and I sat down and I looked up, my whole world came crashing down in all the good ways. I grabbed my friend on her leg with a tight squeeze as she choked on her martini and she said "What!!!???" I told her that the most gorgeous man that was meant to be mine forever was standing right in front of me. She looked up and told me that I should go talk to him. I usually never approach men, but this time, I told myself, "I let him go once, and I’m not going to let him go again." It's been history ever since.”

And they’ve been together for 4 wonder years!


Devin proposed at Disney World and was so nervous that the box that had the ring in it would make the metal detector go off while walking through. Amanda said, “He was acting really strange as if he wasn't feeling well and I had no idea but he took me to Cinderella's castle and got down on one knee and asked. I didn't think this would happen at such a "public" place because he is VERY shy and dosen’t like all the attention on him.” Devin and Amanda already knew they were going to spend the rest of their lives together so Amanda told him that she didn’t need a proposal. But Devin wanted to make her feel like a princess and he absolutely did!


blessed describes both of you


“Being able to marry my best friend. I can't tell you how many times I prayed for him even when I didn't even know him. God was preparing the both of us for each other, so that HE would be glorified. Everything made since when we met. Even though you get told everyday "All in God's time." it never rang as true the day we met. I had finally found the rest of my rib in Devin. God was preparing us both for each other, even through all of our disappointments and past heartbreaks, we wouldn't change a thing because we would have always found each other. I always tell Devin, "You know when God created you, He smiled and thought of me. And when God made me, He smiled thought of you." We thank God every day for each other, for finding our best friend.”