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Jamin & Beth Duff Farm Blythe, Georgia

Jamin & Beth Duff Farm Blythe, Georgia

I met Jamin and Beth one year ago for their engagement photos on their farm.  It was really more of an 'after court house legal wedding' photo shoot.  The couple went ahead with the legal portion of a marriage because Jamin wanted to be apart of their local church's band and to do so they had to have a legal binding with state and church.  

So one year later here we are celebrating one year of marriage with a small ceremony at the couples farm with their family and closeist friends.  This marriage brought together 5 adorable kids.... yeah I said 5.... 

The ceremony was in a field right next to horses.  It was short and sweet.  Everyone wore converse.... including myself, along with shades of blue.  Their boys wore belts depicting their favorite super hero and of course they had to try and emulate them as well.

What was even more wonderful was the cake!!  It was 3 tiers, with the whole families favorite fictional movies cascading down the front.  This was one of the sweetest ceremonies I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of.  Their family was a part of every little detail and no one was left out.

Please stick around and enjoy a few of my favorites from that day!

Elis & Monica Wedding T&S Farm Events Batesburg, South Carolina

Elis & Monica Wedding T&S Farm Events Batesburg, South Carolina

Elis and Monica's day finally came!  Their wedding was on a hot Friday in SC, which isn't anything unusual.  I arrived and the bride was just finishing up getting ready for the 'first look' and boy was she a vision.  I knew what to expect because I did her bridal portraits, which you can find further down on the blog, but she still took my breath away.

Elis and Monica met when they were sophomores in high school and both worked at the local party supply store, Party City.  They waited until they graduated from the University of South Carolina Aiken before getting married.  

The wedding party consisted of close family and friends including a few grooms women who helped me keep the guys in line.  The whole party were wonderful to work with and were so warm and welcoming that I stayed afterwards and helped them celebrate this sweet couple.

These are just a few of my favorites!