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Jonathan & Sara Wedding White Point Gardens Charleston, SC

Jonathan & Sara Wedding White Point Gardens Charleston, SC

Saturday morning was perfect for a quick ceremony at a beautiful location.  John and Sara didn't want anything big or fancy and they actually went to the courthouse to do the legal part of the marriage!

I love simple, small weddings.  I love the relaxed feel to them where everyone isn't too worried about a time line and in my opinion, everyone is more friendly.  I arrived at White Point Gardens at 10 AM.   My first morning wedding!  It was actually on the chilly side of a May morning in the South.  We had one minor hiccup, the officiant who was a friend to the groom thought the wedding was at 1 instead of 10:20!  So, with some improvising they used a family member who happened to be a lawyer.

After a quick ceremony and photos, we headed off to the reception venue at Ms. Rosie's Fine Food and Cocktails for some brunch.  It was fine indeed and very filling and before I knew it my time was up!  of course I stayed to finish up my Bloody Mary and grilled pimento cheese sandwich.... yes it was a good morning!!

Here's just a couple of my favorites from that morning, ENJOY!