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David and Katlyn Wedding, Augusta, Georgia

David and Katlyn Wedding, Augusta, Georgia

Venue: Ceremony: Marvin United Methodist Church, Martinez, GA. Reception: Palmetto Terrace Ballroom

Florist: Alicia Sapp Golphin

Make up Artist: The Hair Garage

David and Katlyn knew of each other through mutual friends for years before actually ever talking to each other. One night on November 28th of 2014, David asked if Katlyn wanted to go out with a group of friends and they hit if off! He asked her to be his girlfriend right after their first New Year’s kiss and have been together for four years now!




How did he propose? “David has NEVER been able to keep a surprise! He planned the most amazing trip to my favorite place on earth (Disney World) to propose at the Mickey’s Magical Christmas Party and ended up not being able to wait and got down on one knee right in our hotel room that morning. It was the most perfect, sweetest thing ever.” 


I asked Katlyn why they chose their venue for the reception and she said, “I chose the Palmetto Terrace as my reception venue because it felt magical. Imagine Beauty and the Beast with their dance in the ballroom. It has that kind of feel to it.”


Cody and Chynna Wedding, Blythewood, South Carolina

Cody and Chynna Wedding, Blythewood, South Carolina

Venue: Cobblestone Golf Course, Blythewood

Baker: Lainey Cakes

Florist: Blythewood Gloriosa Florist

What a wonderful day it was for Cody and Chynna’s wedding on November, 10th. The sun was shinning, it wasn’t too hot and everyone was in great spirits.

Cody and Chynna met in middle school and knew each other through out high school. They had home room together in 7th grade in the gym. Cody was very shy to talk to Chynna but finally got some words out of him to go ice skating where they had their first kiss.

They reconnected in 2014-2015 when Cody was deployed and Chynna saw a photo of him smoking a cigarette next to a camel and thought he was so cute. So one thing led to another…. and they’ve been together for 5 years.


Cody proposed at Crowder Mountain on the peak. He had been so nervous to do it in front of other people so they went way off to a far ledge where Cody proposed with his dad’s and stepmom’s rings they had melted together.


 I asked Chynna what is one word that describes both of them and she answered with “Perseverance”.

The venue they choose, Cobblestone Golf Course, was a very unexpected location with a beautiful view! They have wonderful pricing so go check them out!!


They both looked forward to the food and dancing on their wedding day and Cody couldn’t wait to see her walk down the aisle towards him!


Chris & Sarah Burnett Wedding, Gilbert, South Carolina

Chris & Sarah Burnett Wedding, Gilbert, South Carolina

Venue: Southern Oaks Events

Baker: Bailey’s Cakes

Florist: The brides sister!

Chris and Sarah got engaged on April 21 of 2018 and planned their big day at Southern Oaks Events in Gilbert, South Carolina.  They met in the 4th grade and have been friends for 14 years and dating for 2 years.  They both immediately describe their relationship as being carefree which is wonderful to me!

He proposed by stopping to ask a lady to take their picture while they were walking along Fernandina Beach at sunset and after she took a couple Chris said, “Wait, can you take one more?” and he pulled out the box, got down on one knee, and asked Sarah to marry him. Needless to say, the lady and Sarah were both shocked!


 Of Course I asked why she chose Southern Oaks and she said, “I first saw Southern Oaks in pictures when one of my extended cousins got married there and I thought it was beautiful. So, I looked into it while doing (premature) research on wedding venues and availabilities and August 11 was one of the few Saturdays they had available for the end of this year. I knew it was the perfect time and the perfect place for our reception!” Their ceremony was held at a very special location, her home church, Red Bank Methodist Church in Red Bank, SC.


The most special and important moment for them both is seeing each other when the doors to the Sanctuary open and Sarah enters and the second, is their first kiss as a married couple!


Donovan & Brandi Wedding, Charleston, South Carolina

Donovan & Brandi Wedding, Charleston, South Carolina

I apologize in advance for the over sharing of photos with this wedding but Don and Brandi are one of my absolute favorite couples and I loved everything about their day!

Inseparable.  That's how Donovan and Brandi describe themselves and I absolutely love their story!  When asked how they met, Brandi said, "I saw Donovan for about 7 months on the school bus in 10thgrade as my school had to help out his school and pick up children that were on our route. Donovan happened to be one of those students. However, he never talked to me, but the very first day I saw him, I told my mom even though it sounds crazy, that I had found my husband. Everyday on the bus, I would hope he might say something, but he never did the entire sophomore year, but in July 2007, Donovan sent me a friend request on MySpace. I sent him a thank you note for the request as I did with every new request and he sent me a message. He didn’t even know who I was or that we had seen each other before, but lucky for him, I did.  We messaged for most of the day and then exchanged numbers and began talking everyday all day until we fell asleep. We officially began dating on August 13, 2007 and the rest history. He was stuck with me for life and he didn’t even know it yet."

They are truly high school sweet hearts and have been together since the 11th grade!

I asked how he proposed and she said, "We were moving to Savannah, GA in June 2017 as Donovan’s job had relocated him from Charleston, SC and my mother threw us a going away party at my favorite restaurant, Miyabi, with about 40 of our closest family and friends. We were all about to start eating the going away cake, when my mother stood up to say how much she was going to miss me and our daughters, Allie and Ava Grace, and how she was trusting Donovan to take care of us, and that she was just a quick drive away. Donovan then stood up, and I was confused because he shouldn’t have had anything to say, but I assumed he wanted to say thank you to everyone for coming out to send us off, but then he started talking about how much he loved me and he wouldn’t have been where he was in life without me and how I was a great mother to our girls and whole bunch of stuff that I honestly can’t remember as all of it is really a blur, but I will never forget at the end of speech, he asked if I would marry him. I cried so hard, that my eyelash began falling off, but I of course shook my head yes, as I was unable to utter any words as I had been waiting for that moment forever."



Don and Brandi wanted an indoor venue where they could get married in one room and have their reception in another. Brandi hates the heat, the sun in her eyes, and nasty mosquitos, so a completely indoor ceremony was a must. They both also wanted a location where parking was not going to be an issue and where their wedding was to be the only event going on that day. Finally, they wanted a central location in Charleston so The College Center at Trident Technical College met all of their needs!!


When I asked Brandi what they both were looking forward to the most on their wedding day, Brandi said, "Besides marrying my best friend, we are looking forward to our first dance. The dancing on the clouds experience was a last minute addition and we had to look hard to find a DJ that could give us that experience. We finally found him and we just know that moment is going to be so memorable for us and our guests. It’s going to be beautiful!"

And she was right!  It was amazing and so magical to witness.


Jake and Kendel Gower

Jake and Kendel Gower

One of my favorite locations is the beach so when Kendel contacted me about their Isle of Palms wedding I was so excited!  It was a rainy start so unfortunately they couldn't have the ceremony on the beach but they made due underneath the deck.  After the ceremony, it thankfully stopped raining and we were able to take the rest of the photos on the beach.

Jake and Kendel were amazing to work with and so was their wedding party.  Kendel ordered her dress online and the veil was her future mother in laws from her wedding in the '80's and it worked so well with her dress!

Catering:  Brick Lane Catering Company in Charleston, South Carolina

Florist:  Out of Hand in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Make up artist:  Charleston Events Hair and makeup 


Dillon & Marina Doko Manor, Blythewood, South Carolina

Dillon & Marina Doko Manor, Blythewood, South Carolina

Oh my how beautiful and fun this wedding was!!  I met with Dillon and Marina earlier this year in a fabulous desert restaurant in downtown Columbia called Kaminski's and knew right then that we would be such a great match to work together!  

Not only are they such an amazing looking couple but they are genuinely so sweet.  Their love radiates and fills the whole room when they walk in.  Please enjoy just a few of my favorite photos from their wedding!

P.S. Go and check out Marina's bridal portraits at 701 Whaley a little further down on the blog...


Patrick & Kate Engagement Session, Columbia, South Carolina

Patrick & Kate Engagement Session, Columbia, South Carolina

I met such an adorable couple on Sunday evening.  Patrick and Kate were amazing to work with and I barely had to pose them, they were such naturals.  I love a good adventure, so I talked them in to getting in the river with me further down where the current is more rapid and they of course nailed it! 


Andrew & Kate 1208 Washington Place, Columbia, South Carolina

Andrew & Kate 1208 Washington Place, Columbia, South Carolina

What a beautiful day for a wedding!  This was my first Catholic ceremony and it was amazing.  The church was pretty with a high vaulted ceiling and a beautiful nave and stained glass windows.  Kate came down the aisle beaming and Andrew mirrored her happiness while waiting at the end of the aisle for her.

I met Andrew and Kate a little over a year ago at a Starbucks in town and we talked for over an hour.  They are just the most genuinely nice and charming people you will ever meet.  We went to my beloved peach orchards for their engagement shoot and they did such an amazing job that I couldn't wait for their wedding!

And it finally happened after over a year of waiting and these photos are only a slight few of my favorites!!