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David and Katlyn Wedding, Augusta, Georgia

David and Katlyn Wedding, Augusta, Georgia

Venue: Ceremony: Marvin United Methodist Church, Martinez, GA. Reception: Palmetto Terrace Ballroom

Florist: Alicia Sapp Golphin

Make up Artist: The Hair Garage

David and Katlyn knew of each other through mutual friends for years before actually ever talking to each other. One night on November 28th of 2014, David asked if Katlyn wanted to go out with a group of friends and they hit if off! He asked her to be his girlfriend right after their first New Year’s kiss and have been together for four years now!




How did he propose? “David has NEVER been able to keep a surprise! He planned the most amazing trip to my favorite place on earth (Disney World) to propose at the Mickey’s Magical Christmas Party and ended up not being able to wait and got down on one knee right in our hotel room that morning. It was the most perfect, sweetest thing ever.” 


I asked Katlyn why they chose their venue for the reception and she said, “I chose the Palmetto Terrace as my reception venue because it felt magical. Imagine Beauty and the Beast with their dance in the ballroom. It has that kind of feel to it.”


Jason and Lauren Wedding, The Jasmine House, Irmo, South Carolina

Jason and Lauren Wedding, The Jasmine House, Irmo, South Carolina

Venue: The River Road and The Jasmine House

Baker: Sarah Christmas

Florist: Tim’s Touch

Wedding Coordinator: Sarah Christmas

December 15th of 2018 was a rainy day at the River Road and the Jasmine House but when it was time for Jason and Lauren’s wedding to begin the sky cleared and the birds sang.

Jason and Lauren’s story started with the growing trend of them both swiping right on tinder. They had their first date at San Jose and it was love at first sight and they’ve been together for almost four years now!!

I asked how Jason proposed and Lauren said, “ Jason planned a trip to Charleston sc to visit friends for a graduation party. we parked at the battery and he said his friends were close and right down the street. He introduced me to a friend from Columbia prior to meeting up with his friends. We started walking and he dropped down on one knee and popped the question. The friend from Columbia only followed us so they could capture it on camera. I was shocked!!”


When choosing their wedding venue they just loved that the River Road and the Jasmine House was so relaxed and a more intimate space. They loved the vintage buildings and landscaping and felt like the venue best matched their own personal style.

They are both passionate people who look forward to the exchange of wedding vows the most on their wedding day.


Devin and Amanda Wedding, Wintergreen Woods, Lexington, South Carolina


Devin and Amanda Wedding, Wintergreen Woods, Lexington, South Carolina

Venue: Wintergreen Woods

Baker: Wintergreen Woods

Florist: Sams Club

It was such a pleasure meeting Devin and Amanda. Their day started with just a touch of rain but ended up being perfect. Their venue, Wintergreen Woods, was decorated so warm and inviting with the beautiful stone hearth lit up with a blazing fire and a hot chocolate station set up on the patio. What was even warmer were Devin and Amanda. I absolutely love working with a couple who radiate their love and are genuinely excited about their lives together and not just having a party.


I asked Amanda how they met and she gave me a great story! She said,” We originally met in 2010 at a friends house. I even remember then seeing Devin and just being completely in awe of him. We obviously went our separate ways and then on March 29th of 2014, that's when it happened. We both had weddings to attend to that day. My friend from New York was in town and I promised her a night out in Columbia. We finally ended up at our last destination and a mutual friend of Devin and I called out to me and got us to the reserved section. When my friend and I sat down and I looked up, my whole world came crashing down in all the good ways. I grabbed my friend on her leg with a tight squeeze as she choked on her martini and she said "What!!!???" I told her that the most gorgeous man that was meant to be mine forever was standing right in front of me. She looked up and told me that I should go talk to him. I usually never approach men, but this time, I told myself, "I let him go once, and I’m not going to let him go again." It's been history ever since.”

And they’ve been together for 4 wonder years!


Devin proposed at Disney World and was so nervous that the box that had the ring in it would make the metal detector go off while walking through. Amanda said, “He was acting really strange as if he wasn't feeling well and I had no idea but he took me to Cinderella's castle and got down on one knee and asked. I didn't think this would happen at such a "public" place because he is VERY shy and dosen’t like all the attention on him.” Devin and Amanda already knew they were going to spend the rest of their lives together so Amanda told him that she didn’t need a proposal. But Devin wanted to make her feel like a princess and he absolutely did!


blessed describes both of you


“Being able to marry my best friend. I can't tell you how many times I prayed for him even when I didn't even know him. God was preparing the both of us for each other, so that HE would be glorified. Everything made since when we met. Even though you get told everyday "All in God's time." it never rang as true the day we met. I had finally found the rest of my rib in Devin. God was preparing us both for each other, even through all of our disappointments and past heartbreaks, we wouldn't change a thing because we would have always found each other. I always tell Devin, "You know when God created you, He smiled and thought of me. And when God made me, He smiled thought of you." We thank God every day for each other, for finding our best friend.”



Cody and Chynna Wedding, Blythewood, South Carolina

Cody and Chynna Wedding, Blythewood, South Carolina

Venue: Cobblestone Golf Course, Blythewood

Baker: Lainey Cakes

Florist: Blythewood Gloriosa Florist

What a wonderful day it was for Cody and Chynna’s wedding on November, 10th. The sun was shinning, it wasn’t too hot and everyone was in great spirits.

Cody and Chynna met in middle school and knew each other through out high school. They had home room together in 7th grade in the gym. Cody was very shy to talk to Chynna but finally got some words out of him to go ice skating where they had their first kiss.

They reconnected in 2014-2015 when Cody was deployed and Chynna saw a photo of him smoking a cigarette next to a camel and thought he was so cute. So one thing led to another…. and they’ve been together for 5 years.


Cody proposed at Crowder Mountain on the peak. He had been so nervous to do it in front of other people so they went way off to a far ledge where Cody proposed with his dad’s and stepmom’s rings they had melted together.


 I asked Chynna what is one word that describes both of them and she answered with “Perseverance”.

The venue they choose, Cobblestone Golf Course, was a very unexpected location with a beautiful view! They have wonderful pricing so go check them out!!


They both looked forward to the food and dancing on their wedding day and Cody couldn’t wait to see her walk down the aisle towards him!


Jonathan and Nicole Wedding, Chapin, South Carolina

Jonathan and Nicole Wedding, Chapin, South Carolina

Venue: Ceremony, Sharon Methodist Church. Reception, The Venue of Chapin, LLC

Baker: Tara Linn’s Bakery

Florist: Flowers From the Heart


I asked Nicole how they met and got engaged and she said, “Our love story began back in 2011. Thanks to some mutual friends we met in our kitchen. Seems like an odd place to meet your soon to be spouse but we wouldn’t of had it any other way. Some flirtatious banter was exchanged and of course Nicole was intrigued by Jonathan’s sarcasm and whit. The rest is history! Nothing could prepare us for the next 6 years of laughter, loss, and love. Jonathan decided to pop the question while we were visiting his father who was being cared for at MUSC. A dear friend of our families opened his home to Jonathan to ask Nicole to marry him. It was beyond beautiful and everything she could have ever hoped and dreamed of. Of course, the answer was yes! We then celebrated our wonderful news with our family in a tiny hospital room filled with love, tears, and laughter. Since that amazing day we have said goodbye to an irreplaceable person, we have bought our first home, gained 4 fur children, and will finally become husband and wife. We cannot wait to begin this new chapter in life and are thrilled to be celebrating it with all of you.”


They chose a different venue then the one they had now. Unfortunately due to some unexpected events they had to choose a different venue. As you can imagine, she was extremely distraught and frantic trying to find a beautiful space to host their reception within a reasonable price range. They recently moved to the Chapin area and found their venue while driving by. Nicole decided to reach out to the owner and schedule a tour with her sister-in-law. They were both blown away by how accommodating the owner was and how beautiful the space was. It was perfect for their wedding and Nicole felt like God had answered her prayers when he sent her to The Venue of Chapin. 

 “We are both very hard headed. Not such a romantic term to describe us but when we make our mind up about something it will take an act of congress to change it.” They have been together for 7 years and 9 months so it definitely works :)



I asked Nicole what they are most looking forward to on their wedding day and she said, “As cliché as it may sound we are both looking forward to just being married. We started our lives together on January 1st,2011 and on November 3rd, 2018 we will finally be able to continue our lives with same last name. Our love has endured many trials. After almost 8 years of us driving each other crazy we are still crazy about each other.” 


Brandon & Harley Lee Wedding, Duncan Estates, Spartanburg, South Carolina

Brandon & Harley Lee Wedding, Duncan Estates, Spartanburg, South Carolina

Venue: Duncan Estates in Spartanburg, S.C.

Baker: Holly’s Cakes LLC/ Cake Smith did the wonderful treats

Florist: Mill Street Florist

Brandon and Harley met because of a mutual friend.  One night that mutual friend invited Brandon and Harley to play an Xbox party.  “We were going to play Call of Duty together.  After playing online games for a few months, I gave him my number and we haven’t stopped talking since!”


They’ve been together since 2011, Harley’s junior year of high school and they are closer than ever!


When I asked how Brandon proposed, Harley responded by saying, “I had already picked out and ordered my engagement ring.  Brandon was the only one who knew when my ring was ready to be picked up.  He lied and said he had to work late.  He was actually picking up the ring!!  He proposed that night/morning around 2:00 AM. He planned on waiting till the next day but couldn’t wait.  So he got on his knee in the dinning room.”


Harley wanted something vintage, romantic with an outdoor space and fell in love with Duncan Estates as soon as she saw it.  She was excited to be able to make the venue her own.


They are both beyond excited to have all of their family and friends together.  Most of Harley’s family is coming from 12 hours away and Brandon’s is coming about 3 hours away.  But most of all, they are both ready to finally marry their best friend!!


Chris & Sarah Burnett Wedding, Gilbert, South Carolina

Chris & Sarah Burnett Wedding, Gilbert, South Carolina

Venue: Southern Oaks Events

Baker: Bailey’s Cakes

Florist: The brides sister!

Chris and Sarah got engaged on April 21 of 2018 and planned their big day at Southern Oaks Events in Gilbert, South Carolina.  They met in the 4th grade and have been friends for 14 years and dating for 2 years.  They both immediately describe their relationship as being carefree which is wonderful to me!

He proposed by stopping to ask a lady to take their picture while they were walking along Fernandina Beach at sunset and after she took a couple Chris said, “Wait, can you take one more?” and he pulled out the box, got down on one knee, and asked Sarah to marry him. Needless to say, the lady and Sarah were both shocked!


 Of Course I asked why she chose Southern Oaks and she said, “I first saw Southern Oaks in pictures when one of my extended cousins got married there and I thought it was beautiful. So, I looked into it while doing (premature) research on wedding venues and availabilities and August 11 was one of the few Saturdays they had available for the end of this year. I knew it was the perfect time and the perfect place for our reception!” Their ceremony was held at a very special location, her home church, Red Bank Methodist Church in Red Bank, SC.


The most special and important moment for them both is seeing each other when the doors to the Sanctuary open and Sarah enters and the second, is their first kiss as a married couple!