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5 Reasons to do Bridal Portraits

5 Reasons to do Bridal Portraits

The Bridal Portrait is a Southern staple, it is traditional and some times not suited for the modern day bride that likes to think outside of the box, such as myself.  No, I'm not married, I've never been married nor am I close to getting married; however, up until recently I haven't really advertised for it or even offered it.  If a bride wants a bridal session then sure I'll do it but I don't really push for doing one because I just didn't see the necessity of them.

I recently read an article by a fellow photographer about bridal portraits and it completely changed how I viewed them. 

1. Tradition

Yes this is important.  People like to be traditional.  It's what their mother did, and their mother's mother and so on and so forth.  Also, displaying a bridal portrait at the wedding reception is still prevalent, especially here in the south.  You can even give them as a gift to your parents, grandparents and even the groom.  It's a gift that will be remembered long after the wedding.

2. Getting Comfortable

This is great not only for you but for your photographer as well!  You as the bride, will get comfortable in front of the camera and your photographer will know which poses work best for you.  It's a very relaxed atmosphere so you can explore new and different poses in front of the camera and how to interact with your photographer.  So on your wedding day, you can make the most of the little time that is given on a crazy and emotional day!

3.  Locations, Locations, Locations

Having your bridal portraits taken before your wedding gives you so much more flexibility.  Theres more time for one thing, but also more locations!  You don't have to stick with your wedding day venue for this, you can go to other places.  On your wedding day your photographer will be limited with a certain amount of time and location after the ceremony to take photos.  Doing bridal portraits before your wedding, if you choose to do these at your venue, enables you to take full advantage of your wedding venue and have more diversity in your photos.

4. Putting it all together

Dress: check; Shoes: check; Accessories: check; Hair and makeup: check

Why not go ahead and put it all together?  Doing bridal portraits lets you, the bride, have a little sneak peek to see what works together and what doesn't, sort of like a trial run.  Bridal portraits will also give you that bridal confidence that will make you shine even brighter on your actual wedding day!

5. That Dress!

You spent a lot of money on a dress that you only wear once.... Why not do bridal portraits so you can at least wear it twice!  If you don't want to do them before the wedding you can always do them after in a "trash the dress" session!