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John & Tiarra Wedding Pretty Place Greenville, and Arran Farm Events, Easley SC

John & Tiarra Wedding Pretty Place Greenville, and Arran Farm Events, Easley SC

Sunday was a full day.  I headed up to Greenville for a 10 hour wedding in the rain, wind and cold. When I arrived at the reception venue for the 'getting ready' photos, the family and friends of the bride and groom greeted me with so much warmth that I had forgotten how horrible the weather was outside!

The groomsmen were of course nothing but hysterical and super helpful.  Because of all of the rain, it was very muddy at Arran Farm Events which is where the wedding party got ready before heading to the ceremony location.  When I was ready to leave after a full day of wedding fun, I unfortunately got stuck in the mud because I'm hard headed and just have to have a rear wheel drive car (it's a mustang).... The groomsmen were quick to pull me out and I have to say, after spending 10 hours with these guys, I was not embarrassed at all to ask for their help!

The bridesmaids were just so friendly and made me feel so welcomed, I sat down and ate a little bit of lunch with them before taking their photos.  Afterwards, the bride and groom saw their parents separately, and thats when the tears of happiness began!  They then had their 'first look' which I love to do because it's just the bride, the groom and myself so it's super private and the emotions can run freely.

And off to the ceremony we went!! If you've never been to Pretty Place on the border of South Carolina and North Carolina, then you are missing something special.  When it's not raining with thick fog, it is so majestic and peaceful.  All you see are mountains and sky and you sit and thank God for such an amazing view!