I met Sam and Kristina in November.  They just wanted a few engagement photos for their reception tables at their wedding.  Kristina is from Connecticut so they planned to do the wedding there so their family and close friends could be apart.  I did their session in my favorite place, the peach orchards, (R.I.P) and they were so much fun to work with!  

I did their session, edited the photos, and sent them on their way....  I recently received a phone call from Kristina who was very upset.

She expressed to me that they got their wedding photos back and that she didn't like them at all! I felt so bad for her and tried to console her.  Then, here's the real kicker, she said she wanted to print a couple for Sam to take with him when he gets deployed in July of this year to Afghanistan for A YEAR AND A HALF!!!!!

Unfortunately though, She could not make those photos work in any other size but the size of a smartphone.  So I told her, lets do a photo session!  So no, this was not a court house wedding. This was a couple that were in desperate need of just a few precious memories that couldn't be captured at their wedding.