Charleston is one of my favorite places to visit.  It is just a beautiful place.  I haven't been to The Battery since I was knee high to a grasshopper! If you didn't understand that, it means 'very young'.  White Point Gardens is right there in The Battery, it is an off leash park so its full of dogs which I am all for.  It also has huge beautiful hardwood trees that make a perfect canopy to lay under, play with your dog and of course take photographs.

We didn't stay at White Point Gardens, we started there and then walked a few blocks to another park and we did some street photography on the way.  It was one of my favorite sessions and James and Stacey were so great.  They met on Tinder... Yep second couple this year to have met on Tinder ::scratches head and starts considering that I should get on Tinder:: anyway, Stacey put James in the ever dreaded 'friend zone' for 3 months but then finally lets him out of it and they were engaged a year and a half later.  They brought their Boston Terrier with them named Loki who basically stole the session with her cuteness.

Please enjoy a few of my favorites!