I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this couple for their graduation portraits at the Horseshoe at the USC campus on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon.  If you have never gone to the Horseshoe in downtown Columbia then you are missing out on a beautiful and quiet piece of tranquillity.  There is a large grassy area where students play frisbee with their friends or fetch with their dogs.  Around this area are historic buildings from when the campus first opened that are still used today and sprinkled throughout are little hideaways with a garden or bricks with an iron door that makes you feel like your in a secret garden.

Jared, Lesley and I started our session in one of these little hideaways.  This couple was so warm and welcoming and it felt like I knew them for years instead of just meeting them for the first time.  Our one hour session turned into a two hour session not only because of the fabulous location but because this couple was such a joy to work with!

Take a minute to check out some of my favorites from this session!!